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Sheet metal stamping is one of our core competencies. Sheet metal stamping is a metal forming technique through which sheet metal goes through different stages forming and cutting until an end product is reached. An intricate assembly of various sheet metal parts makes up the body, frame and outer panels of any vehicle.

With a stamping capacity ranging from 1600 T to 150 T, and a wealth of experience, we are able to manufacture a wide variety of products- from complex BIW modules to small intricate brackets, from large body panels to high strength chassis frames; and cater to a wide variety of products- from 2 wheelers to heavy commercial vehicles, from passenger cars to non-auto applications. As a result, we are able to support a varied customer base and product segment- 2 wheelers, cars and utility vehicles, commercial vehicles, farm equipment and non-auto applications.

Heavy duty hydraulic presses enable us to work with high strength steels up to 780 MPa. We have 4 heavy duty press shops across all plants in India, and 5 medium and light duty press shops. All our heavy duty presses are imported from Germany, and installed by our highly trained maintenance teams. Pan India set-ups and a varied customer base allow our production and quality teams to exchange good practices and implement them.

Our fabrication lines are PLC controlled, and in house welding laboratories conduct routine nugget tests to ensure excellent quality products. Hemming is done robotic-ally with precision part positioning.