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Any 2 wheeler chassis is made of a tubular structure. Steel tubes of varying diameters and thicknesses are joined together to form a rigid structure capable of withstanding designed loads. Steel tubes are bent, go through a series of processes like scooping and drilling before they are welded together.

Equipped with 3 axis servo drive CNC bending machines, we are capable of processing both ERW and CEW metal tubes up to 65 mm in diameter and 4 mm in wall thickness. Our high precision machines can process 180° bends with an accuracy of 0.2°. High precision special purpose machines with an accuracy of 25 µm for drilling and scooping applications give rise to highly accurate weld joints.

We have both robotic and manual MIG welding facilities, with robotic intervention in any weld line as high as 80%. Robotic welding reduces human dependency and as a result provides consistent quality in our products. Panasonic and Fanuc robots are installed on our welding lines, and robot installation/ commissioning as well as critical tasks such as PLC programming are done in house by our highly capable maintenance teams. Positioning of the tubes is extremely critical, and high precision welding fixtures are designed and made. Rigorous process engineering and continuous improvement of the lines has made it possible to cater to very high volumes of production, higher even than 1200 complete two wheeler frames every day. Our welding laboratory makes it possible to test weld strength, penetration, nugget and micro-structure regularly and ensure sustenance in quality.

Capacity to provide solutions from tube bending to high precision welding, to handle very high production volumes and to supply excellent quality products has helped us support our customers every time.